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Increase in fraudulent activity

If it sounds too good to be true – it's not necessarily fake, but you should definitely take special care.

19 July 2019

At Warm and Well we are proud of being able to deliver life-changing improvements to homes in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, on behalf of local authorities. But whenever there is a good opportunity on offer, you can be sure that some fraudulent salespeople will be looking to capitalise at the expense of others.

We are experiencing an increase in calls from residents who have been persuaded that they are eligible for subsidies and grants, by somebody claiming to represent the local authority. In some rare instances, householders have been asked to provide money up-front, with the promise of a new discounted boiler, insulation or other energy product.

As the appointed energy advice service for Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, our advice to residents is to always call our advice line to discuss any grant funding or subsidies you may be eligible for.

Very often, funding is available to help households to stay warm in the winter, reduce energy usage and make homes more affordable to live in. However, all such funding is subject to eligibility checks to ensure that the support is provided to those that need it the most. When we speak to you about funding, we use complex criteria to understand your personal circumstances and advise you on what support you can access. This may include:

  • your household income
  • whether you receive any state benefits
  • whether you have young children at home
  • the neighbourhood your live in
  • any long-term health conditions you have
  • your age

Some residents are receiving letters that reference 100% government funding based on the type of property alone. Always check with Warm and Well, or your relevant local authority, before responding to any communications that seem too good to be true. Do not use the contact details provided on the letter. While there are occasionally legitimate offers available, you should feel able to check the credentials of any offers or doorstep visitors. For your own protection, do not sign anything (or pay any money) that you are unsure of.

Warm and Well work on behalf of Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council, Forest of Dean District Council, Gloucester City Council, Stroud District Council, South Gloucestershire Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council.

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