Severn Wye's Link to Energy network is a free-to-use online directory helping you to find sustainable energy installers and tradespeople in the Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire area. You can also find companies offering energy efficient products and services within our suppliers section.

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It's simple. To find an installer ...

It's simple. To find an installer just enter your postcode or town you live in, and you can find a list of people in your area. You can narrow down your search by the type of work they do whether that's installing boilers, loft or wall insulation, renewable energy (like solar photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, heat pumps etc.) and much more.

Before you check local installers ...

Before you check local installers please check our Grants and Funding pages or give one of our advisors a call to check if you can access funding. Many grant schemes use particular installers and installers on the Link to Energy network may not be able to access funding or be aware of the grant and funding options available.

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