Boiler and Heating Grants

There are various grants available for boilers and heating. You can speak to one of our advisors and they will check your circumstances and see if you are eligible for a scheme. They can then detail the next steps for you to apply for grant funding.

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Free Central Heating

In partnership with Affordable Warmth Solutions and local authorities across Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, we are able to install central heating systems completely free to residents without central heating in their homes. If this is you, take advantage of the Warm Homes Fund by contacting our team today.

Energy Company Obligation funding

If you are in receipt of certain income related benefits you may be eligible for a grant through the Energy Company Obligation. Funding availability varies for this scheme. Speak to an advisor to see if you are eligible and they will explain the next steps. Through our installer network, a number of our installers have access to full or partial funding to replace old or broken down oil or LPG boilers for those who are in receipt of certain income related benefits.

Other options

There are various smaller grant schemes available, and our advisors can direct you to those if you may be eligible.

See our Renewable Energy Incentives page for details on the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive, and our Other Funding and Finance page.

All grants are subject to eligibility ...

All grants are subject to eligibility, survey and funding availability. The grants pages will be regularly reviewed but as grant schemes change frequently we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please note that Severn Wye does not intend to and will not provide advice or make recommendations on financial matters.

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